For me, countertenor Scott Belluz was the highlight of this piece. As [Alex] his warm, focused vocal delivery added an otherworldly aspect to the robot’s presence which helped illuminate the difference between his mind and his makers’. Devilishly challenging music was delivered with skill and precision that added a depth of reality to such an unreal being. It really was how I imagined a robot would sing. Belluz’s portrayal of [Alex] was so endearing and convincing you could hear the collective heart of the audience break in two when his first line to Helena after intermission is “I’m Alex. What’s your name?”” - Greg Finney - Schmopera - 2022
Scott Belluz as [Alex] created a coherent “robot” singing and acting style that was highly effective.” - John Gilks - Opera Canada - 2022
Tonight we saw some things that are truly new, in the use of the voice and the movement vocabulary, especially from Scott Belluz as Alex.” - Leslie Barcza - 2022
At a Thanksgiving-like banquet, the music light and flickering, a cowboy-cocky member of the arrivals (Scott Belluz), singing Baroque-pastiche countertenor lines, claims one of the Host women as his bride.”

Zachary Woolfe - The New York Times - 2020

They are led by the brash outlaw character of Jimmy Gin (countertenor Scott Belluz), who, in a burst of coloratura frenzy, tells them in no uncertain terms, 'your way of life must end!' ”

Jim Farber - San Francisco Classical Voice - 2020

Before the Prince is split in two, she has counter-tenor Scott Belluz sing in his natural baritone. When the split is complete he shifts into the full, rich extended falsetto of the counter-tenor for which he is known. Near the end Palmer gives the Prince a mad scene which Belluz chillingly performs.”

Christopher Hoile - Stage Door - March 2017

His voice has a rich texture and his sense of dramatic shading is impeccable. He captured the joyous exultation of 'O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion' with an ease that appeared effortless.”

Brian Hay - (Messiah - Aradia Ensemble)

Scott Belluz inhabits his roles completely and seamlessly overcomes the many technical challenges in the contrasting musical scores…the bravest vocal performance we have seen in Toronto this year. ”

John Terauds - Toronto Star (Orlando Lunaire - Opera Erratica)

Countertenor Scott Belluz commanded a full, rounded tone and clearly relished the role of the elegant, eerie Shadow. ”

— Christopher Hoile - Opera News Online (The Shadow - Tapestry New Opera)